Classique Fondue Catering Services & Restaurant have been in the catering business since 2002, ensuring quality and great tasting food but also understanding the budget of every client who wants the best for his/her best function.  The Cabildo family who have well over 3 decades in the food business and are now known for catering services and restaurant. You may want to know how it started.


Cabildo’s Bakery

Year 1983 when Operations Manager, Minerva ‘Baby’ Cabildo started in food business as a Bakery Entrepreneur. It was called “Cabildo’s Bakery” specializing in breads, cakes, and pastries for over 12 years.

Classique Fondue Catering Services

(Operations Manager, Baby Cabildo)

The food industry is changing and therefore food business owners has to keep up with the changing needs and demands of the industry. In 1990, the baking industry has slowed down due to the low supply of wheat products which is the main ingredients to most of the baking production. The business has to change from full-bakery into a semi-restaurant style business (half-bakery and half-cafe).

Lyndsay’s Pares and Mami House

Noticeable success on the restaurant against the bakery, the family owned business reform it to a full café specializing in noodles and beef stew served with fried rice in a bowl locally known as “Pares and Mami House”. It then became “Lyndsay’s Pares and Mami House” serving different varieties of Filipino meals and snacks. It became successful to the public from 1999 up to 2002.

Birth of Classique Fondue Catering Services and Restaurant

When the daughter, Lyndsay Cabildo, took B.S. Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) from La Consolacion College – Manila, she then suggested her mom Baby Cabildo to do side catering. It was when Lyndsay invited her mom to visit her school and talk to her Prof. Tawagon was when the mother clicked to the idea of catering business.

Classique Fondue Catering Team and Staff

Classique Fondue Catering Services and Restaurant began with just renting out catering equipment and supplies from other caterers. Staff of the catering were composed of the family members itself, Lyndsay trained her siblings and other staff which has now blossomed to more 20 on-call staff and waiters.

(Executive Chef, Arjun Cabildo)

Staff are trained through Lyndsay’s HRM standards she learned from school passed down to the younger sister, Aissa Cabildo who became creative in the set-up skills and management. The youngest son Arjun Cabildo, took Culinary Arts from Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) who is now the Executive Chef of the business.

Baby Cabildo also took Culinary Arts from TESDA and is a native Kapampangan (whom are known to naturally great cooks). The owners and staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable about their craft, not to mention the warm and friendly attitude of the staff and team.

Thanks to the People and Companies Who Trust Us…

At the moment, we already have catered different establishments, companies, institutions, and government offices(and repeat business with them) like ABS-CBN, Honda Cars Inc., New Horizons, Manila Municipal, Supreme Court, Phil. General Hospital, SSS, Phil. Coast Guard, Philippine Security Group, Celebrity Private Events, Buy and Sell, PLDT, and currently serving 2 new little food stalls at a university area.

We boasts our food and services to our guests and clients, wishing you to try us and join the league of the clients that enjoy our food and services. Avail our FREEbies to let you decide whether we walk the talk and NOT just talk.

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